Privacy Policy

In holding and processing your personal information, we comply with legislation which regulates the processing of information relating to individuals and which provides certain protections and rights for data subjects; and we observe high standards of professionalism and client confidentiality. Disclosure of your personal information to third parties will only be made where there are overriding legal duties to do so or our interests reasonably require it as, for example, in the following circumstances:

—to comply with applicable reporting requirements;

—where disclosure is to a regulator, relevant tax authorities, our auditor and/or our reporting accountant, as necessary for them to perform their respective functions; where disclosure is necessary to protect our legitimate legal or business interests (for example, for the purposes of defending claims or proceedings involving third parties or otherwise, and in enforcing our legal rights); and to our agents, service providers and business partners with, where appropriate, appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions in place. We may also disclose your personal information with your express agreement or at your direction.

—Your personal information will be processed for the purposes of providing services to you, to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and otherwise for the purposes and/or in the circumstances referred to above. We will not share your personal information with, or sell it to, to third parties, nor will we use it to send you marketing communications.

—Your personal information will be held by Blockchain Shift, LLC in a secure location, but a breach may still occur.  We will take reasonable steps to protect your information.

If you require any further information about how we handle and process your personal information, you can contact us by emailing our counsel at .


*DISCLAIMER: Numbers above are only estimates and based on projections. Actual numbers are subject to change and reliance is not advised.